Life is always throwing us curve balls. Personal relationships change, we no longer have the same career for 30 years, kids move out, parents grow old, bucket lists wane. Transitions are the internal transformations and responses needed to deal with external life change. No matter how great or small the change, you can creatively deal with it by participating in intentional exercises and having a meaningful support system in place.


• Going back to work after being out of the workforce
• Career change or retirement
• Relocation
• Starting your own business
• Empty nester
• Divorce
• Dreams never pursued
• Aging parents
• Grief recovery

As your coach, I will help you strategize and plan for life’s changes, support you in actualizing your plans for new beginnings, and guide you in navigating the internal transition.


• Remind you to be be present despite uncertainty and ambiguity
• Identify what is holding you back – self defeating behaviors
• Create new personal goals and strategies for achieving them
• Bring focus, meaning and balance to your life despite the transition
• Create time management strategies to help you become more effective
• Identify the skills and tools needed for you to take control of your future
• Keep you motivated and discovering your own answers

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