What People Are Saying…

Thanks to Claudine’s coaching, I got rid of the unproductive habits that were costing me time and money in my professional life. I have become more focused, more aware of the positive qualities that have contributed to my success and feel much more productive. I now enjoy things and don’t take anything for granted. It’s a great place to be.

– Ann Moore, VP, Health Care Recruiters NY/NJ

Working with Claudine had helped me to figure out what I want in my life, to keep focused on my goals both personally and professionally. She has been my advocate and partner in accomplishing them. I have accomplished things I never thought possible which I’ve been trying to do for years. Claudine asks great questions, offers interesting and fresh ideas, and supports methodical and focused life transformation.

– Kami Huck, Central Runs Manager, Intel

Claudine Mellett-Wilson is a powerful person. I’m not talking boot camp, feel the burn. She is honest, very intelligent and full of ideas. What helped me, with Claudine, was her strong sense of humor, happiness and fun that can be had working these not so fun, dull parts out. I do not like dealing with the business end of things. I like working with my hands, fixing stuff. Eight months ago I lost my estate manager position of 11 years. Claudine has helped me, in so many ways, to start my own home maintenance business. From zero to 25 repeat customers in 8 months says a lot about what I have gained from my time working with Claudine.

– Tom Hovland, Owner, Thomas Hovland Home Maintenance

Recently I have experienced major transformations in my life. I lost my life partner, I retired from an academic career and I moved across the country. My work with Claudine has enabled me to cope much more successfully with this period of transition. Claudine listens with great care and sensitivity. She has encouraged me to identify my own goals and then has offered meaningful support toward achieving them. I especially appreciate her positive approach to very specific objectives. Claudine is extremely flexible and will adjust her approach to the client’s specific needs and situation. All of Claudine’s work is done with compassion, intelligence and a great sense of humor.

– Judith Stone PhD, Educator and Volunteer

Claudine really helped me take action when I felt stuck in perfectionist mode. She nudged me outside of my comfort zone to contact clients, even when I was very afraid of rejection. Claudine was great at showing me how to notice and celebrate even “small” successes. She helped me see that by talking to people about my business I was offering them education and service, rather than a sales pitch.

– Sheila Resari, Owner and Certified Massage Therapist, True North Massage

Three years ago I was down on my luck, in a dead end job and not singing, which is one of my greatest joys. With Claudine’s help and coaching I turned the corner on life. Through some thought-provoking questions and her skillful guidance, we figured out a new path for me. I discovered that Nursing would be a great fit for my personality, values and work ethic. Claudine encouraged me to return to school and start singing again. I am currently attending nursing school and have a band that I am proud of and happily singing with. Claudine helped turned my life around from a disgruntled worker with no creative outlet into a higher education entertainer. I am on a positive and rewarding life path now and Claudine deserves much of the credit because of her insightful mind and active listening skills.

– Kevin Mulligan, College Student and Entertainer

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